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Top 100 Sports Bloggers on Twitter List

The crew at @ballhyped spent the past week combing through our favorite blogs and Twitter lists to come up with the Best Sports Bloggers on Twitter.

OK, let's get this out of the way right at the top. This is a WORKING LIST that's not scientific by any means, and I'd like to add to it (which is what we've been doing ever since releasing it), so if you know of someone who was left off mention them in the comments below and we’ll update it. Just make sure they have enough followers and are independent sports bloggers who write about topics that have national appeal.

Obviously your number of Twitter followers does not determine the quality of a particular sports blog, but it helps show what kind of audience it has and how many people are interested in what the blog/blogger have to say. And in this day of age, when everyone and their mom has a blog, it's just an easier way to sort through clutter.

We did try to avoid mainstream media/journalists here and focus on independent bloggers who blog about sports as a hobby or passion, because those are the bloggers who are more likely to engage and interact with you on Twitter and care to network with other bloggers. It is what it is.

Sports bloggers who would like to build up their following should sign up for  BallHyped.com, where you can post links to your blog posts and get FOLLOWED links and promotion/exposure on-site and the social mediasphere. We also have a handful or blogger resources just like this post in our Blogger Resources section.

You can follow this complete list on twitter here: top-100-sports-bloggers. And be sure to follow @ballhyped for all the latest from the sports blogosphere.

Here’s the working list of the Most Influential Sports Bloggers on Twitter:

Blogger Followers
ProFootballTalk 61,751
Deadspin 33,311
Slam Online 23,929
Ethan Jaynes 21,859
Sports By Brooks 20,459
Celtics Life 18,405
Wyshynski 17,570
Will Leitch 16,562
TrueHoop 16,188
The Big Lead 12,986
Fanhouse 12,637
NBA Fanhouse 12,637
DC Sports Blog 12,212
Drew Magary 11,471
J.E. Skeets 10,875
EDSBS 9,301
Dime Mag 8,279
Kukla's Korner 7,197
Brian Milne 5,775
Big League Stew 5,734
The700Level 5,584
DrSaturday 5,165
Dirty Tackle 4,933
Pensblog 4,762
MGoBlog 4,494
My Sports Rumors 4,484
SBNation 4,477
Celtics Blog 4,468
The No Look Pass 4,310
On Frozen Blog 4,291
Steve Cofield 4,132
JapersRink 4,082
The Phinsider 4,071
KDonHoops 4,011
Tas Melas 3,830
Hardwood Paroxysm 3,754
Cuzoogle 3,709
Jay Busbee 3,691
HHReynolds 3,547
Drunk Jays Fans 3,456
Sharapovas Thigh 3,308
Odenized 3,122
OntheDLPodcast 3,085
The Offside 2,886
Sports_Business 2,875
Steeler Gurl 2,776
Need 4 Sheed 2,767
Trey Kerby 2,731
Warriors World 2,719
MLSE 2,667
Christy Hammond 2,638
The Sports Hernia 2,613
Both Teams Played 2,587
Mile High Report 2,574
Jamie Mottram 2,530
Felix Potvin 2,514
Empty Netters 2,410
Detroit4lyfe 2,325
Reds Army 2,255
TheRopolitans 2,141
Blogging the boys 2,072
Blaze of Love 2,037
Anklesnap 1,996
The Mighty MJD 1,938
In the Bleachers 1,905
Joe Sports Fan 1,903
Yardbarker 1,865
Pensburgh 1,789
Sonia Grover 1,786
The Program BTR 1,746
Warblogle 1,730
WithLeather 1,648
Raptors Republic 1,634
Empire Sports Now 1,605
Jay Christensen 1,554
Mike Hayes 1,466
BullsBlogger 1,406
Amazin Avenue 1,383
Indy Cornrows 1,347
NBA Noise 1,343
Antwonomous 1,263
Inside The Kings 1,239
Eric McErlain 1,232
24th Minute 1,213
T-Wolves Blog 1,193
psamp 1,185
McCovey Chronicles 1,172
Detroit Bad Boys 1,157
TaoofStieb 1,152
Sportaphile 1,135
The Sports Diva 1,086
Intentional Foul 1,023
Brandon Worley 996
BustedCoverage 962
Hornets 24/7 957
Jeff Eisenberg 874
Canishoopus 865
You Been Blinded 839
Raps Fan 761
BallHyped 726
Chaz Topher 716
Big Blue View 711
At The Hive 700
Fansided 675
WD Revolution 641
Matt Watson 610
STF Hoops 606
offseasonblog 537
MeandSports 514
Justinian Sports 498
WCBias 482
Moondogleft 442
Bloguin 411
Bullets Forever 358
TheRealPSJ 352
Queencityhoops 312
Jay Beck 226
Mr Thell 224

Also deserving of this list, but broken out to avoid any perceived biases, are some of our awesome bloggers contributing on BallHyped.com. They're definitely worth following and networking with as we continue to grow the BH community.

We don't have everyone's Twitter usernames, so please comment below if we left anyone out or if you have recommendations. Please follow back, and follow @ballhyped!

And if you haven't already, log in or sign up for free to start sharing and voting up posts (get free FOLLOWED links) not to mention access to the rest of the resources in BallHyped.com's  Blogger Forums -- paid blogger job openings, guest blog submissions and a Q&A section where you can ask our bloggers and editors for blogging help.

  • Celtics Life is a very active Celtics Blog. They have 18,289 twitter followers.

  • @DrunkJaysFans

  • I'm not straight up sports...but I'm definitely "sportsy" Put me on!

  • Great list. I am happy to be on it, but I would like for people to see the following and followed by ratio. My ratio is about 1/1. A lot of the people on this list only follow a few people in their respected sport etc... Their ratios are most likely 10/1 or better. If I was not following back, I would most likely be in the middle of this list. I just wanted to put that out there. #4 is not where I belong in this pantheon of sports bloggers. Thanks anyways!

  • Warblogle.com

  • I'll vouch for Emmett Jones.


  • Okay, a few other must-add recommendations:

    MGoBlog: @MGoBlog

    Press Coverage/On The DL Podcast: @onthedlpodcast

    Puck Daddy: @wyshynski

    Dr. Saturday: @DrSaturday

    Will Carroll: @injuryexpert


  • I will be shameless and recommend you check out @thesportingrave

  • These are great everyone. Will be adding more to this growing list today. Keep 'em coming.

  • Forgot @warriorsworld with 2717 followers.

  • Thanks for the love!

  • The Fantasy Dudes - @TheFantasyDudes - they're fairly new but already proving to be the duck's nuts in fantasy NBA & NFL.

  • Don't forget to check out @MySportsRumors on twitter, just under 5k followers and very active on certain game nights

  • OK, everyone listed above, who we could find a Twitter account on and met the criteria, was added. You owe us a re-tweet! Here's the shortlink if anyone needs it:

    @ballhyped - Top 100 Sports Bloggers on Twitter http://bit.ly/90ZMn4

  • We have 450 followers. @JustinianSports

  • @TaoofStieb has 1152 followers.


  • Empire Sports Now has over 1,600 followers on Twitter


  • God it is nice to be back on here. Its like I never left.


  • What about my fellow writer at inthebleachers.net, @InTheBleachers? He's got 1,904 followers


    If you want to add me too, http://twitter.com/TheRealPSJ

  • @hockeywildernes - 1,690 followers

  • Hey! Great stuff...

    With Malice twitter handle - @withmalice
    Easy link to get there? http://www.twitter.com/withmalice

  • Ah Nathan is here and Puck Central...all is good.

  • have 231 twitter followers

  • @fangraphs and our writers all have decent followings

  • We have 1,035 followers @NHLHotStove

  • @SpeakoftheDevs is good.


  • shameless self plug. I run Something's Bruin, and have 1303 twitter followers


  • I'm one of the editors over at the ever-popular BleedingGreenNation site. Our main Twitter, @BleedingGreen, has over 1,500 followers. I'm also trying to gain some followers for my individual account, @BobQuaintance.

  • @camdencrazies getting close to 1,000

    • +1 on the @fangraphs comment, plus I'm @enosarris with close to a thousand followers.

  • Welcome to Loud City has 1,542 followers. Thunder Blog.


  • Love the list, folks. Here's mine - nothing huge, but perhaps worth a look.


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  • I would add these Magic blogs:

    @OPPMagicBlog -- this is run by Evan Dunlap of Orlando Pinstriped Post. He is an incredible blogger and (honestly) the gold standard in Magic bloggin on the Internet.

    @erivera7 -- Eddie is a fantastic writer and very turned into the NBA blogging world. He runs Magic Basketball (MagicBasketball.net).

    I will go ahead and give myself a shameless plug. You can follow my blog at @omagicdaily.

    For Northwestern University, I would definitely follow @laketheposts and @NUHighlights. Pretty much a must for all Wildcats fans.

    Orlando Magic Daily, Rise Northwestern

  • @HotHotHoops - Heat Blog site

  • SideLion Report is a Detroit Lions Blog, trying to build up my twitter following.

  • @soxanddawgs over 900 followers and also a member here on Ballhyped.

  • -http://HereWeGeaux.blogspot.com @LSUChadP, he has 667 followers

    -http://NBATipOff.com @NBAtipoff, he has 1,218 followers

    -http://www.sbgorillas.com/ @ShyneIV, has 1,407 followers

  • Good stuff guys. We're actually working on an even better list that we'll be unveiling shortly. All of the above are on it. Stay tuned.

  • At @GVTennisNews we have about 1430 followers.

  • Hey everyone,
    In case you missed it, we came up with a bigger list at http://ballhyped.com/...sports-bloggers-on-twitter-list/
    If you're not on there, add your twitter username and we'll get you on with the next update.
    Thanks for helping fill out these lists!

  • Hook me up with the luv. I'm on twitter @mrfactoid. Over 17,000 tweets and more than 500 friends.

  • OK Ballers. Updated this list as well, which has gone from a top 100 to a near top 200. So moving forward, we're just going to keep updating our latest list, http://ballhyped.com/...sports-bloggers-on-twitter-list/, which is more in-depth, has more metrics and is a lot easier to maintain. Keep the recommendations coming there.

  • It looks like I was missed, I run OnTheForecheck.com which covers the Nashville Predators, and have 3,965 followers at @Forechecker.

  • Saints Nation - Saints blog, over 1000.

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  • This is one is new ... http://twitter.com/Outlet_DK -> news every day about european american football and also stay tuned on the latest products and indrustry updates.

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  • Newer sports blogger on the scene out of ACC country in North Carolina: http://www.twitter.com/tsportsdaily -> New columns every day on all sports from college and NFL football, college and NBA basketball, hockey, baseball, and more. Also bi-weekly sports radio podcasts to feed your sports habbit!

  • @TheCCO for the latest on the Chicago Cubs. ChicagoCubsOnline has been covering Cubs Baseball since 2005.

  • super article en plus bien detaille
    bravo a l'auteur et bonne continuation

  • Rant Sports is quickly growing a strong stable of team and general sports blogs...

    Here are some of Rants top blog twitters:


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  • First of all, I'm on Twitter! @CarloshSandoval

    Second, it's so weird that the guys from TBJ get more followers than the guys from Yahoo! Sports.

    Just goes to show you innovation and being a self-starter kicks all ass.

  • Hey guys,

    There's a new sports blog thats just starting up. Check it out!


    It if you like it, be sure to check them out on Facebook, twitter (@twoptdiv) and follow the blog via gmail.

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  • Good list of sports blogs. I think we need to write more and more on sports and boost the people to participate in sports and keep their self healthy. I am keen to see the live football and tennis matches.

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  • Brand new sports blog that everyone should be checking out about New England sports. and sports across the country. We have writers from colleges in Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Arizona. Check out the site and this article to see what its all about and follow us on twitter @TheSportsTalks1


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