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Ottawa Should Erect a Statue to Dany Heatley, NHL | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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Ottawa Should Erect a Statue to Dany Heatley

Ottawa Should Erect a Statue to Dany Heatley

Hyped by on December 2, 2010 Website: bladesofteal.com

What Ottawa should be doing is erecting a statue to Heatley outside of Scotiabank Place, not sponsoring some mask wearing hate fest.

Furthermore, the clamoring for Heatley to repay the $4 million dollar bonus the Sens paid him back then is silly, and accusing him of actively conniving to draw out his trade demand process, a process the Senators themselves dragged their feet on from the get go, in order to pilfer them out of the bonus money doesn’t hold water at all. The only argument that Ottawa would have at getting back that bonus money, would be if they wanted to put it towards the aforementioned “Dany Heatley Memorial Reflecting Pool”.

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