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Top 10 Athletes You’d Like to Grab a Beer With

Hyped by on December 17, 2010

When asked about missing the rest of the season because of a stress fracture in his left ankle, Houston Rockets center Yao Ming told ESPN he was just fine with it, thank you.

“I haven’t died. Right now I’m drinking a beer and eating fried chicken. What were you expecting, a funeral? Right now, I hope I can come back and play.”

With classic comments like that, so do we, Yao. Which leads us to our next Top 10 here on BallHyped.com:

The Top 10 Athletes You’d Like to Grab a Beer With

You hear the expression all the time: He’s the kind of guy you’d like to grab a beer with.

Now, not that any of these superstar athletes would want to sit down and split a sixer of Natty Ice with a sports blogger in his mom’s basements, but if we lived in a perfect world where we could belly up with some of today’s best athletes, here’s the top 10 you’d love to have a beer with.

10. Brian Wilson

They say he’s not as crazy as he looks, but when it comes to closing ballgames, dude’s crazy. Butchered fohawk. The gnarly beard stained black with shoe polish. Tats for days. I’d pay for a few rounds of Anchor Steam to see how crazy he’d get closing down the Hemlock Tavern.

9. Tiger Woods John Daly

Tiger probably isn’t as fun as he used to be, but you know Daly is. Can you say night golf? I’d love to play a midnight round with Johnny. What do you think we’d burn through first? A dozen glow-in-the-dark balls, a dozen Budweisers, or a dozen smokes? What’s that? He doesn’t drink any more? Well, he’ll still know what to do with those extra tallboys in my bag.

8. Shaun White

Like me, Mr. White is a fellow redhead. Unlike me, dude’s been referenced in a hit Roots song, and you know he’s down to party all night long … probably slip a RedBull roofie in homies’ drink so you can hang with his adrenaline ass all night.

7. Danica Patrick

Ummm, because I’m having some troubles with my GoDaddy web hosting account? I’m also married, so, yeah, no comment. Seems like she’d be a good designated driver. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

6. Chuck Liddell

I’ve actually had a beer in a bar with Liddell. Honestly. He was there. And I was having a beer ... on the other side of the building of course. In fact, The Iceman used to be a bouncer at a SLO bar I frequented back in my college days. Even interviewed Chuck a couple times for the local rag but am still waiting to buy him an ice cold SLO Brew in good ol’ SLO Town ... along with a Brisk Iced Tea for Little Chucky.

On a side note: Was the Brisk Iced Tea thing weird to you, or was it just me? Seems like an adult beverage like Coors Light would have been a better fit for Liddell. "Cold as The Iceman" has a nice ring to it. Then again, when you grow up on the Central Coast and spend your days around SLO Brew and Firestone, it's tough to stomach Coors Light.

5. Dennis Rodman, or Ron Artest

Whichever crazy, bad ass, lockdown defender is clubbing that night in Los Angeles. You know drinks are on the house when Ron-Ron or Rod-man are in the house. Just don’t throw your OE on Ron-Ron, or things might get ugly in a hurry. And then he might try to kiss you afterward. Then again, Rodman might show up in a wedding dress.

4. Charles Barkley

Speaking of rebounds, how about the round mound of rebound, Sir Charles. I’d love to bet Charles a couple Heinekens that I have a better vertical than him nowadays. How about double or nothing? Triple or nothing? Quadruple or nothing? All in?

3. Tom Brady Peyton Manning

I was leaning toward Tom Brady because of the hair and the supermodels, and the season he’s having … but then realized I don’t like Boston, or Sam Adams, or guys who feather their hair and date supermodels like they’re going out of style. So I opted to go with the more entertaining Manning. Plus with Peyton, you never know who might be joining you for beer … Eli or Archie. On second thought, I'd rather hang with a drunk, idiot kicker.

2. Shaquille O’Neal

Hands down one of the best personalities in sports. Problem being you’d have to drink 100 beers to drink him under the table, and by then you’d be having Kazaam flashbacks. Wouldn't mind rapping with Shaq, however. Hey, Kobe ... tell me how my Amstel Light taste.

1. Brett Favre

The ultimate guy’s guy. Real. Comfortable. Jeans. Playing sandlot football with his ol' high school buds, with rusty 50s Ford pickups strattling the sidelines like a New York Jets strength and conditioning coach. Sexting cowgirls, and tossing back Milwaukee’s Best. Doesn't it get any better than that?

Until the Monday Night Frost Bowl at Minnesota, which is a dry stadium by the way! Are you kidding me?

So much for our list. Yo Yao, hook a blogger up with a brewsky! Time to write up a new post on the top 10 athletes you’d like to snuggle up to and sip hot cocoa with.

Who would you like to have a beer with, besides me? Share your all-time beer buddies in the comments section below.

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  • I would like to have a beer with Bill Walton. Probably more than a beer, maybe a joint. Listen to him ramble on using ridiculous words he mixed together to sound deep, philosophical, and talk about the Grateful Dead.