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10 Things We Learned From the Eagles Game: Week 16

10 Things We Learned From the Eagles Game: Week 16

Hyped by on December 29, 2010 Website:

1. The offensive line deserves more blame than it has received so far this season.
Yesterday was a disaster for the entire offense, especially the offensive line. Michael Vick receives the majority of the blame but it's guys like Max Jean-Gilles and Mike McGlynn who get their butts kicked their whole game. How many hits did Vick take yesterday? 12? It was absurd.

2. Michael Vick's health is the key to success for the rest of this season.
If this man is injured, goodbye. The season is over. Kevin Kolb might win a playoff game. Might. That's all. He's the type of quarterback who would lead the Eagles to a big win in the wild-card round of the playoffs, then throw four interceptions against the Bears in the divisional round. Protecting Michael Vick is as important for the Eagles as the Fantastic Foursome is to the Phillies.


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