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Super Bowl Q&A: 'Steeler Gurl' Breaks Down Steelers-Packers from Dallas, Q&A | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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Super Bowl Q&A: ‘Steeler Gurl’ Breaks Down Steelers-Packers from Dallas

Hyped by on February 5, 2011

BallHyped.com continues its Super Bowl coverage with a Q&A with blogger Lahne Mattas,  also known as "Steeler Gurl," who writes for SteelerGurl.com. Below, Mattas takes time away from her Super Bowl XLV experience in Dallas to share her insights on Sunday's game:

Steeler Gurl, live from Cowboys Stadium.

Steeler Gurl, live from Cowboys Stadium where she participated in media day earlier in the week.

BallHyped.com: Steeler Gurl, thanks for taking the time to discuss your blog, the Steelers and the Super Bowl. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to blog at SteelerGurl.com?

Mattas: Thanks, a couple years ago, I was working on a more professional blog and a friend basically antagonized me into this by asking if it was called "Steelergurl4Ever" - it wasn't, but I thought that was a great idea and went out and bought the URL and started the blog.

What do you do the rest of the year when there’s no NFL to write about?

Well, I am a sports junkie, so there's hockey, college basketball and NBA.  I don't typically watch baseball unless I am at a game, but there's nothing better than a warm summer night with a beer at a ballgame.  I also have my own public relations company, so believe me, I stay busy in the off season.

What was your favorite post on the Steelers this year?

I think the one I was most passionate about was the "I'm pissed post" following the Pats smackdown.  Won't say it was my most eloquent or best written, but it was definitely the most passionate.

At the beginning of the year, with everything Big Ben went through, did you think the Steelers had any shot at the Super Bowl?

You always want to think your team is going to the Super Bowl, but realistically, I don't think I believed it until the end of the Jets game for the AFC Championship.  It's a little surreal this year.

Were you still a Big Ben fan at the beginning of the year? What are your thoughts on him now?

I'm always a BigBen fan on the field.  At the beginning of the season I was angry at him.  I thought he was extremely selfish, not to mention disrespectful of women.  I actually sent his agent an email and gave some PR tips because I think Ben really just needed to get himself together.  Unfortunately, the actions of the past are likely to hang over his head for a long time no matter what he does.  I hope that he's learned his lesson and keeps himself together. he's a great quarterback.

Is it just us, well Vegas has the line at 2.5, so I guess we’re not alone, but are these teams really similar? Storied franchises. Blue collar fanbase. Solid quarterback play. Late emerging running games. Unbelievable defenses. … Does this make for a better game? What are the differences between these two teams, and how could that be a factor?

That's right, they are very similar. I think the Pack has a little better secondary and I think they are very dangerous.  The game will be close, I believe and likely not super high scoring.  The difference will probably show up in the Pack relying more on the passing game and the Steelers having a more effective run game.

What are your thoughts on the Packers and are you surprised by their late surge? What has been the reason for their success down the stretch? What will make the Packers so tough to beat in the Super Bowl?

The Pack was my early season NFC pick.  I am a real fan of this team - not like I love my black and gold, but I do really like this team. I enjoy watching Rodgers and I think their defense is great.

What’s your favorite part about the Super Bowl?

Now having experienced it, media day is amazing. But seeing all the fans out there is really exciting.  There is just a lot of passion in the air.

As a blogger, you have your ear to the pulse of Steeler fans. How is Steeler Nation feeling about the Steelers’ chances  on Super Bowl Sunday?

I think Steeler Nation is excited.  We have been here before and after all the adversity the Steelers faced this year it's exciting to be at the big dance.  In addition, there's something really fun about being at "Jerrry World" to play this game.  As a long time Steelers fan, it's kind of fun to play in the Cowboys big fancy stadium and they didn't have a chance.

Who has to have a big game if the Steelers are going to win and why?

Ben has to have a great game. Rashard has to have a good game and the defense needs to play their A game for a full 60 minutes.  it can be done though.

Who do you have winning this year’s game? How about a score?

I pick the Steelers, obviously, 28 to the Pack 21.

I think the Steelers will own the clock, or at least that will be part of their game plan.  They will push the run game and when they do pass, look for Heath Miller to play a role.  They will be all about moving chains and staying on the field.

Anything else you'd like to add on the Steelers or the Super Bowl?

Here we go! Stairway to 7!!!

Lahne "Steeler Gurl" Mattas writes for SteelerGurl.com. Follow her on Twitter @SteelerGurl.

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