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VOTE FOR ME! Some Changes to the BallHyped Community

As you probably noticed, we've been making a few changes to the BallHyped community of late.

We’re not done, but we're moving out of the first beta phase of BallHyped and, after repeated requests from our community members, we've turned on the vote sorting on our homepage. So now, to be featured on the "Recent Top Posts" tab of the homepage, you're blog entry must be hyped multiple times ... rather than just once. New submissions, called "Recent Submissions," will still be published and featured in the sidebar of all pages (which is actually better for you in terms of SEO), we’re just moving things around a bit and making sure the most Hyped content is featured on the BallHyped.com homepage.

As was the case previously, all submissions will still get the multiple FOLLOWED links (which few social sharing sites do), exposure to our network of bloggers and sports fans, as well as the promotion via our social media networks, etc.

That part of BallHyped will never change. We’re just trying to reward the best contributors for their efforts and give readers an easy way to breeze over the top stories of the day. So be sure to Hype up your favorite posts often!

Also, if you want to make your post stands out, be sure to rewrite the headline and body text excerpts to be different from your original post -- which will help your post rank better both on our site and in the Search Engine Results Pages, as Google's latest algorithm update downplays duplicate content. We want to make sure your posts on BallHyped are a win-win for your blog, so be sure to make your content unique, and get multiple results in the Search Engine Results Pages rather than one post that's seen as a duplicate.

Again, as noted above, BallHyped will continue to provide the links, traffic, exposure and connections that will help your blog grow, we're just showcasing your work a little differently now.

Thanks for getting Hyped ... and be sure to vote up your favorite posts!

- The BallHyped Team