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Vancouver Canucks Best Team in the League By Far

Vancouver Canucks Best Team in the League By Far

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The Vancouver Canucks sit 1st in the NHL with 105 points, this season has been by far the best this team has ever had in the last decade and arguably in the team 40 year franchise history, But how statistically ahead are the Canucks? Well like a mentioned the Canucks have 105 points, but the next team is the Philadelphia Flyers who have 87 points. For special teams the Canucks the league’s top power play, sitting at a whopping 24.9%, which is like 1 power play goal for an every four chances. The Canucks penalty kill is at the top of the league, but they sitting currently in 4th with 85.8%, while the 3 teams above them have just one decimal point above with 85.9%. Vancouver is tied for second in the +/1 category with a +40. The Canucks are tied for first with the Chicago Blackhawks in goal per game with 3.19. When you look at goals for per period for Vancouver, they are 5th in the 1stwith 67 goals, 9th in the 2nd with 77 goals and 1st in the 3rd with 89 goals.

The only aspect of the game of hockey one could say the Canucks have not exceed at when you compare them to the rest of the league, is the shootout. Where the Canucks are 23rd in this league with only 4 shootout wins. Lucky for them they are no shootouts in the playoffs.

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