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BallHyped Blogger of the Month: DOY’s Justin Aucoin

Justin Aucoin, co-owner/editor of Days of Y'OrrCongratulations to Justin Aucoin, not only on the recent Stanley Cup run, but for being our BallHyped Blogger of the Month.

Just writes for Days of Y’Orr, the popular Boston Bruins blog that was all over the Stanley Cup Finals and playoffs this year. Here’s his profile page:


There you’ll find links off to DOY’s awesome Bruins’ coverage, as well as some background on one of BallHyped.com’s best contributors, JustinDOY, who has Hyped nearly 400 posts since we launched in Sept. 2010.

If you missed DOY’s coverage of the Bruins’ run to the Stanley Cup, be sure to check it out.

Also, here’s a Blogger Q&A we did with Justin leading up to the final round:

Blogger Q&A with Justin Aucoin of Days of Y’Orr

Congratulations to Justin and the guys at DOY, who did a heck of a job covering the Bruins all season long. Hopefully you’ll be getting that jersey we owe you soon ... now that the season’s over and all!