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BallHyped User Avatar, Profile Upgrades

As many of you know, BallHyped is all about promoting independent sports bloggers and their blogs.

One more way bloggers can showcase themselves and readers can better connect with our bloggers is through our author profile pages. You can find a list of blogger profiles on our Blogger Roster page:


If you’ve posted on BallHyped, your name should be on that list. If you can’t find it, you can always go to the following URL and swap out your username in the address:


To add your own personal avatar to your profile page, along with a bio, link to your blog and Twitter account, click on “Profile” in the right-hand sidebar on the homepage or go to:


From there you’ll be able to fill in all of the details about your blog, writing background, link off to your sites, and also add an image of yourself or your blog’s logo.

To add an avatar, just click the “Update Picture” button on the right of your Profile’s Personal Options, upload and crop the new image to the right size.

Click “Update Profile” at the bottom of the Profile Page, and your avatar and personal information will be updated upon refresh.