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Mark Buehrle Shouldn’t Be Yankees Top Target

Mark Buehrle Shouldn’t Be Yankees Top Target

Hyped by on November 8, 2011 Website:

The New York Yankees are reportedly interested in starting pitcher Mark Buehrle, who just wrapped up a four-year, $56 million contract with the Chicago White Sox.

George King of the NY Post reiterated this notion, but went even further by claiming that Buehrle could become the Yankees top target.

The 33-year-old lefty is receiving a lot of buzz and I expect he will get more considering this is one of the weakest pitching market to date.

Regardless, like all prospective free agents the same question remains, will Buehrle be a good fit in New York or not?

When discussing Buehrle the answers given have been mixed, which is understandable but expected at the same time.

See, even though Buehrle is ceaselessly dependable, he also comes with an uneasy amount of risk.

Here are Buehrle’s basic pitching stats from 2007-2011:

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