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BallHyped Blogger Q&A: Kody’s Sports Corner

Kody Brannon of KodysSportsKorner.com made one of the strongest runs in the 2011 Sports Blog of the Year Tournament, finishing runner-up among the 64-team field.
In its latest Blogger Q&A, BallHyped catches up with Brannon to get the latest on his blog, recap the 2011 sports year and also look ahead to how things are shaping up in the sports blogosphere in 2012.

BALLHYPED: Congrats on the strong run in the tournament. You definitely received a lot of support from your readers and followers. Is that the best part about blogging, engaging with readers and getting their takes on the topics you write about on a regular basis?

BRANNON: Yes, the readers are a huge part of my blogs success. They are able to make me think more about what I wrote and can even see things from a different perspective. But where would any of us be without our loyal readers?

What makes a good, engaging sports blog in your eyes?

A good engaging sports blog is one that will give you the story, but then make you really think deeper about the subject. Or they will give you some added information that you may not have known before hand.

What other tips would you have for fellow sports bloggers on BallHyped who are looking to grow both their traffic and exposure online?

First and foremost is to find your voice. Don’t try to be like another blog or follow someone else’s plan. Write about what you know, and write to your own style.

What were the biggest sports stories of 2011 in your eyes?

Obviously the tattoo scandal and the Penn State story are the two that seemed to dominate the entire year. But then again, it is always the scandals that garner the biggest attention.

What developing stories are you monitoring closely as 2012 unfolds?

It is so early in the year, there isn’t a whole lot to latch on too. Obviously the NBA will be something to watch and see how the 66 game season plays out. And all of the college recruiting and any coaching changes starting to happen in the NFL.

What are some of your favorite sports blogs you find yourself reading on a regular basis?

Obviously I read a lot of college football related stuff, So I read a lot from guys like Kevin McGuire and his site No 2 minute warning. I also read Crystal Ball Run and a few smaller blogs along the way. But thanks to this tournament, I will be following some of the guys who were in there as well.

How about plans for 2012? What's in store for 2012 on KSK?

I really don’t want to tip my hand to anything, but after the amount of growth and opportunity 2011 gave me, I would say things are really looking up for me 2012. I hope to be able to attend more games on a press credential in 2012 and share my experience with people who can’t get to do it.  Other than that, just keep writing and churning out posts.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I just want to thank Ballhyped for the opportunity to share my work and help get it out to people who may not read it otherwise. And for giving me the opportunity to read other bloggers work. The contest was great, the site is great and I can honestly say that my site wouldn’t have seen as much growth as it did thanks to Ballhyped.

Thanks again for getting Hyped!


  • Way to go Kody. Thank you BallHyped. Kody did a great job all year and we are all proud he finished as a runner up. His blogs are great. The BallHyped site is way cool. Kody's work gets better with each post. Keep up the good work my man!

  • Great articles. Thank you BallHyped. Kody Brannon is a great writer. Always enjoy reading his work.
    Kody keep it up.