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Kansas Jayhawks: 2011 Season Exit Survey

Kansas Jayhawks: 2011 Season Exit Survey

Hyped by on January 21, 2012 Website: www.collegefootballzealots.com

What can we say about the 2011 season for the Kansas Jayhawks? It probably wasn't what Turner Gill invisioned when he took the job two years ago. Kansas started off the year with two wins (one of them against a pretty good NIU team). After that it was a loss to Georgia Tech where the Yellow Jackets put up 66 points and then it was nine more consecutive losses to close out the year. Kansas had a chance to salvage something from their season when they took Baylor and future Heisman Trophy winner RG3 to OT but they lost by one. After that loss came the nail in the coffin for Turner Gill when Kansas lost to Texas A&M 61-7. Gill was terminated less than 24 hours after their season ending lost to SEC bound Missouri. Gill was replaced by Florida OC and former Notre Dame Head Coach Charlie Weis. WHAT? It's going to be really interesting to see how that turns out. We caught up with Big 12 guru Jay Beck of Turfburner to get his take on the 2011 Kansas Jayhawks and catch a quick glimpse into 2012.

CFBZ: In our Pre-Season Preview you said you thought Turner Gill was headed in the right direction but also said that Kansas probably wouldn't win more than four games. They won two and Gill got fired. Do you think it was the right decision?

check out the site to read our Q&A with Jay....

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