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College Football Realignment Map

College Football Realignment Map

Hyped by on January 25, 2012 Website: no2minutewarning.com

Yesterday’s news was that Navy will officially be joining the Big East in 2015 in football only, and Big East commissioner John Marinatto left open the possibility of a 12th football member being added in the future as well. Air Force? Army? BYU? Temple? East Carolina? Who knows for sure, but the conference is committed to fielding 12 members in football at some point in time after the departures of West Virginia (Big 12), Pittsburgh and Syracuse (ACC) over the next year, whether they be in 2012 or 2013 as laid out in the guidelines.

Business Insider decided to take another look at the business of college football realignment and put together a map to illustrate the changes the way I probably would have when working in MS Paint in grade school. Maybe even the way I would have done so in Kid Pix or Mario Paint…

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