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The 10 Rules of National Signing Day

The 10 Rules of National Signing Day

Hyped by on January 31, 2012 Website: no2minutewarning.com

National Signing Day is tomorrow, so for those who are sort of new to how this whole thing works I figured I’d lay out the ground rules for the most significant recruiting day of the year.

1. When fans of your rival ridicule your prospects they are really masking their jealousy for your incoming class.

Recruiting can bring out some tense emotions in college football fandom, depending on how closely you monitor the game. But there is an underlying message being sent by fans who mock another school’s recruiting class. They have some fear that those kids their school missed out on will come back to haunt them in some way in the future. That, or they wish they had the kind of talent your school just hauled in. They will never admit it, but there is truth to that.

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