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Don’t fear the Urban Reaper

Don’t fear the Urban Reaper

Hyped by on February 4, 2012 Website: nittanylionsden.com

The 2012 recruiting cycle wrapped up last week, and college football nerds—like me—have already set their sights on the class of 2013. Penn State finished with a solid but unspectacular class in 2012. Par for the course, all things considered. However, the buzz around PSU’s recruiting for next year is—to put it mildly—enormous.

A new coaching staff is always a recipe for an immediate recruiting bump. When that staff has NFL ties—especially Super Bowl championship ties—the hullabaloo is far greater. A new staff also means a hungry staff that needs to work hard to keep the paychecks coming in.

A traditional college football power awakening to the dawn of a historic new era also draws attention. Penn State’s location is still ideal—it’s the greatest program north of Georgia and east of Ohio. That’s an enormous population base to draw from.

The depth chart is favorable at many positions. Penn State’s current roster is strong but not brimming with NFL superstars. Recruits see that and like the odds that they can come in and compete immediately.

Penn State has a lot going for it. Yet lurking in the back of some fans’ minds is one fear: the Urban Meyer factor.

I can give you three reasons why the Urban Meyer factor will not be in play next season.

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