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You Got To Feel Blue For AJ Burnett

You Got To Feel Blue For AJ Burnett

Hyped by on February 14, 2012 Website: ladylovespinstripes.com

You have to feel bad for New York Yankees pitcher AJ Burnett, as the New York and sports media has him already packing for Pittsburgh to join the Pirates.
I get that “baseball is a business,” as players have uttered this sentiment like a broken record forever to a point where it feels like they have been brainwashed.

The business world is harsh, but not many struggling businessmen get their dirty laundry aired out in the public eye like baseball players do.

And yes, people should get fired for not doing their job everyday but not like in baseball. When a team wants to dump a player, and are willing to eat millions of dollars just to get you out, can’t feel good.

All the blame lands solely on the player for underachieving, which usually entails fan and media backlash.

In Burnett’s case, the media and fans have pegged him as enemy #1.

There is some merit behind Burnett being ridiculed, as he has not been able to do his job consistently for sometime; but he was vital to the 2009 Yankees success. Along with some other shining moments, Burnett just continued to aggravate New York fans, which FYI is not a very hard to do.

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