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Washington Redskins blindsided by NFL league office

Washington Redskins blindsided by NFL league office

Hyped by on March 12, 2012 Website:

The Washington Redskins just surrendered four very high draft picks to the St. Louis Rams in order to, in everyone’s estimation, Baylor’s QB Robert Griffin III. Touted as having tens of millions of dollars in salary cap space heading into free agency which begins in less than 24 hours, the NFL just smacked the Washington Redskins, and smacked them hard.

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting this afternoon that the Washington Redskins are going to be levied $36 million dollars against this year’s salary cap for activity they participated in during the 2010 regular season. 2010 was an uncapped salary year, but it seems as if the NFL has caught up with the Washington Redskins, along with the Dallas Cowboys in determining that both teams violated the rules last season, by front loading contracts into the uncapped season.

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