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The Pigskin Report Tops BallHyped Leaderboard, Blog | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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The Pigskin Report Tops BallHyped Leaderboard

The BallHyped team would like to take a moment to recognize Eric Schmidt (@bucco40) and the guys over at ThePigskinReport.com, congratulating our resident football experts on taking over the top spot on the BallHyped.com 2012 blogger leaderboard.

Now we've been live for almost two years now, and this is one of the few times we've had a major shakeup at the top of our leaderboard. So this is worth noting, as The Pigskin Report has set the bar to a whole new level heading into the NFL Draft and the 2012 NFL season.

Our Pigskin peeps have been grinding it out over the past year, battling through a preseason lockout, a crammed regular season, a surprising playoff run by the New York Giants, not to mention a weak hackers' attempt to take down the site of late, but that hasn't stopped TPR from making a late charge to take the top spot in our overall rankings.

Thanks in part to the Mannings and Tebows of the world, TPR continues to crank out stellar content this offseason and is in mid-season form by mid-April.

Heading into the weekend, ThePigskinReport.com is the first BallHyped account to surpass 1,600 posts (1,606 to be exact), surpassing first-ballot Hall of Famers TheXLog.com (1,587 posts),  and former blogger of the year Bryn Swartz (1,373 posts). Other than fantasy-info (1,090 posts), no other BallHyped member has broken the 1,000-post barrier, so all of the above members should be commended.

Without their contributions, BallHyped wouldn't be half the site it is today.

That said, here's a closer look at the exclusive members of the BallHyped.com 1,000 Post Club:

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