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Kyle Kendrick still serves a role on the Phillies

Kyle Kendrick still serves a role on the Phillies

Hyped by on April 24, 2012 Website:

Forgive me readers, for I was wrong.

Back in February when the Phillies signed Kyle Kendrick to a two-year extension I was supportive of the move, believing that Kendrick plays an unheralded position on the Phillies as a long-reliever capable of making a spot start or two when called upon. I figured for a total of $7.5 million through the end of 2013, there were worse ways to spend that money. Weren't there?

Then Cliff Lee was thrown on the disabled list, tying Charlie Manuel to use Kendrick in the series opener last night in Arizona. Kendrick was shelled early, as though the Diamondbacks were taking batting practice, and lasted just three innings. Arizona, who before this week had scored ten runs in a recent five-game losing streak, jumped all over Kendrick with extra base hit after extra base hit, tacking on four runs in the first inning, two more in the second inning and one final run in the third inning. Of course, when your offense is showing a lack of ability to produce runs, Monday night was one of those nights you turn the TV off early and get some sleep.

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