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The Bills A+ Draft

The Bills A+ Draft

Hyped by on April 30, 2012 Website: contrarianfanatics.com

Like every other delusional fan from the other 30 NFL cities I sat back after this weekend’s draft and thought, “Man, my team nailed this one”. And for the first time in a while that may be close to reality.

Certainly there were some choices that I would not have made, say trading up in the 3rd round to select a receiver that most people had ranked lower, there are no arguments from me when it came to the positions that Buddy Nix and company decided to target.

The Bills pass defense last season was turrible. They finally put together a defense that could stop the run, only to see the secondary become a sieve. One could argue they were always an issue, they simply were not targeted before since teams could run at will against the Bills for at least two seasons prior. Whatever the reason, that aspect of the defense was in need of some serious overhaul.

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