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ConGRADulations to our bloggers!

So it's graduation weekend across much of the country, a time of year when thousands of college graduates will be getting their diplomas and joining us suckas in the real world.

Congratulations to Ball Hyped Grads!Here at BallHyped, we have a handful of members in the community who are graduating from college this weekend and over the next month, and we wanted to make sure to give them a tip of the cap. Now I know we've missed a few members, since we have a few thousand, but we asked via Twitter and these are the top contributors we know of who are walking and deserve some praise.

If you're graduating soon, please drop us a note as we'd like to give you props and also highlight your stuff to help promote your writing and get some exposure for the next step in your lives. Contact us at and let us know what your plans are and how we can help you get there.

Hyped for everyone who's graduating this year, including my 5-year-old daughter, Payton, from preschool all the way up to the following folks who are graduating from college. Congratulations to all our members walking the walk this year:

Cody and Bryn Swartz

Two of the top contributors on BallHyped are also brothers as many of you know. Cody and Bryn Swartz write about the Philadelphia Eagles and Phillies at a torrid pace, and are always among our top-ranked blog contributors for the year.

But did you know Cody and Bryn are also full-time students? Both are graduating from Messiah College as we speak and definitely deserve some props for their hard work.

Here's some more background about Bryn, a former BallHyped blogger of the year who was featured on Messiah's website last year.

Cody SwartzNot to be outdone, his brother Cody is also bringing it to the blogosphere, Philly style. Here's his profile on Bleacher Report, where he is one of the site's top contributors as both a writer and commenter.

Then there's his work on Rant Sports, which helped phillybuster become just the fifth account in BallHyped history to surpass the 900-post mark tonight. Nine hundred posts people! Check out No. 900 here.

Not sure how they both do it. Congrats again guys!

Read a Q&A with the Swartz Bros

Deanna Vasso

Also of Philly fame, Deanna Vasso deserves some serious props. While the Swartz bros have been among the top contributors on, Vasso has been holding it down over on as the site's main hockey editor.

A senior at West Chester University, Vasso is an English major pursuing a career in sports journalism. Along with her hockey writing on, her articles can be found at and her own blog at

As with the guys above, we're not sure how DV posts as often as she does, being she's also been named to the Dean’s list multiple times and was inducted into the English Majors Honor Society-Sigma Tau Delta.

And she knows more about hockey than most of us guys, combined. In fact, Vasso was so awesome at covering hockey basics with her Hockey for Dummies series that a major publisher demanded that we change the name of the series because it was taking away from their "Hockey for Dummies" rankings on the web. How awesome is that?

Props to DV and thanks for your continued support of the BallHyped Sports Network! Be sure to give her a follow on Twitter to keep up with her hockey writing.

Jeff Zefferjeff zeffer

Speaking of hockey, we're also Hyped to hear our friend Jeff Zeffer from north of the border has graduated from Seneca College in Ontario.

Zeffer, from Toronto, is the lead Toronto Maple Leafs writer on He graduated from the Recreation and Leisure Services Program at Seneca.

Be sure to follow his hockey writing by following him on Twitter @thejazlive.

ADDITIONAL GRADS: Congratulations again to the above members and everyone else we failed to mention. Members like newbie Dane Stivers, who just joined the community and is graduating here in Cali. from Chico State. We're proud of every last one of you and know getting through school in this economy isn't easy. Good luck in the real world and please don't hesitate to reach out if you ever need a recommendation, reference or just a little kick in the rear from time to time. Thanks for getting Hyped!

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