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Yankees: Learn To Live With A-Rod, MLB | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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Yankees: Learn To Live With A-Rod

Yankees: Learn To Live With A-Rod

Hyped by on October 26, 2012 Website: www.newyorksportsworld.com

In this day and age it’s not about what you did for someone five or ten years ago, but what you’re doing for them today. In this ever-changing, fast-pace society that we live in, one must produce in the present, or he/she will be replaced, and life moves on, simple as that.

This is seen every day in workplaces throughout the nation, however, the concept also applies to baseball players,, and one of the best to ever lace-them up found out the hard way. Steroids or not, Alex Rodriguez is a baseball giant, but after pulling yet another postseason disappearing-act he was replaced, and New Yorkers are ready to chase the former All-Star out of town with their pitch-forks and torches.

He looked so helpless at the plate; especially against right-handers, that manager Joe Girardi pinch-hit for him multiple times and eventually relegated him to the bench. Girardi and General Manager Brian Cashman have always stood behind their embattled third-baseman, but his poor play, along with flirt-gate, turned him into a $114 million platoon-player and national punch-line.

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