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Have Sports become a microcosm of American Society?

Have Sports become a microcosm of American Society?

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I believe that Americans need to conduct a hard, introspective look at society and determine whether on not they see something wrong with today’s society. I’ve spent a great deal of my life dealing with serving the public, interacting with people while I took them fishing. Something has happened to our society in the past few decades, and while technology has improved our lives in countless ways, it’s also brought a great deal of society down to a primal, classless level.

I place a lot of this blame with the creation and explosion of baseless “reality” shows. For whatever reason, a vast majority of young people in this nation decide that they need to be famous, immediately, for whatever reason. Everyone with a smart phone now waits for something to happen, so they can capture 30 seconds of video and post it online, hoping it goes viral. If it does, they are likely invited onto the Today Show or Good Morning America for their 15 minutes of fame, while everyone angles for yet another pitch for a phony, scripted, “reality” show.

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