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Knicks: A Bad Night For A Good Game

Knicks: A Bad Night For A Good Game

Hyped by on November 2, 2012 Website: www.newyorksportsworld.com

Before I get to the Knicks game I need to say something that is driving me crazy. Running the marathon was always a dumb decision because of the social costs to the citizens of the city. No matter what Mayor Bloomberg says, public safety resources that needed to be allocated to other areas of the city would have been wasted. He is not the mayor of Manhattan, he is the mayor of the City of New York. That includes Staten Island, the forgotten borough, the first hit by the storm and the last to see a recovery effort.

Running the marathon was a pure, cold economic decision made to fill hotel rooms and sell a few “I love NY” T-shirts to the families of the runners. But the same can be said about the Knicks game played at Madison Square Garden on Friday.

The PR narrative is that the game distracts us from tragedy and unifies the city, but playing a game isn’t a unifying event when so many fans are literally in the dark. And putting on a game at Madison Square Garden takes lots of cops and EMT’s off the streets where they belong at this time of crisis.

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