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Why A Poor Record Should Not Stop You From Watching The Browns, NFL | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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Why A Poor Record Should Not Stop You From Watching The Browns

Hyped by on November 9, 2012

Arthur B. “Mickey” McBride acquired the Cleveland, Ohio franchise in the All-America Football Conference (AAFC) which saw the birth of Cleveland Browns. Browns went on to win 4 AAFC championship games in the presence of the famous coach Paul Brown. The Browns then moved to the National Football League, where in the years 1950 – 1955 they reached the NFL Championships every year and were victories 3 times

Following the golden period, the Browns had to experience a trophy drought for some time... The team has had a lot of changes and they have been struggling with various problems including lack of good coaches, the Brown’s stadium issues, and a lot more.

Now things are beginning to change for them. The Cleveland Browns are now under new ownership of Jimmy Haslam, who bought the team on August 2nd 2012. Currently, the Browns are certainly having a tough time out there. They had an 11 game losing streak which they finally got over after defeating the Bengals 34-24 in Cleveland.

The Browns are still down with 1 win and 5 losses on the AFC but if there is someone that could turn things around, he is Trent Richardson. The young running back who has made some really epic plays. With D'quell Jackson, the veteran linebacker on defense, you can be sure to stay entertained as the Cleveland Browns try their best to win.

It is not as they do have “impact players” in their squad, it is more about getting the coaching strategies right.  They have got nothing to lose and you can be sure to see some pretty amazing action from the team.

The Browns are very unpredictable as anything can happen. One has to accept that they have what it takes to compete against any team in the league and watching them play live is a totally different experience.

The noise of the crowd, cheerleaders, rush of blood to your head, the entire experience is quite ecstatic! Cleveland Browns tickets are being bought by fans who don’t want to miss out on what they have to offer in the remaining season.

Next, we have the Cleveland Browns against the Indianapolis Colts. It should be an exciting game to watch. It is going to be the 6th game for the Colts, while the Browns will be playing their 7th game. On paper, the Colts are doing better but it is in the times of desperation that miracles happen.


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