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Houston Texans still flying under the radar screen?

Houston Texans still flying under the radar screen?

Hyped by on November 13, 2012 Website: www.thepigskinreport.com

At 7-1, it was hard to imagine how a team with the third best defense in all of football and J.J. Watt being in the discussions for defensive player of the year could not be talked about among the league’s best, yet here we were. Headed into a match up with a team that had an identical 7-1 record on the national stage for Sunday Night Football, yet all you heard about was how the Bears could solidify their hold on the NFC with a win.

Even during the pregame intros, we were treated to comparisons between this Bears defense and the dominant one they had in 1985, en route to “The Super Bowl Shuffle.” Then, with a seemingly discounted mention, we learned that the Texans were there, too.

Perhaps it was because of the way they were picked apart on their previous Sunday Night appearance by the Green Bay Packers, but the announcing team almost made it sound like they were lucky just to be there. Never mind the fact that the Houston defense was statistically better than the Bears up to that point. Perhaps it was this kind of talk all week that led the team to put on the most dominant defensive performance in team history.

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