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Knicks: J.R. Smith Dominating Off Bench

Knicks: J.R. Smith Dominating Off Bench

Hyped by on November 14, 2012 Website: www.newyorksportsworld.com

There’s no question, J.R. Smith has heard lots of criticism from many haters during his NBA career. Mr. Inconsistent could have been his nickname. One day he’d be very solid shooting the ball, or some nights he would literally brick every shot attempt. But the most nauseating thing about J.R. was that he would take the most difficult and dumbest shots at the worst time. And it was more apparent during last year’s playoffs when he spent time as the point guard for the Knicks. Mike Bibby wasn’t doing well, Baron Davis was sidelined after a knee injury and then lastly, Iman Shumpert went down, tearing his ACL during the playoffs. Smith, in all five games, never had a + on the court, always negatively affecting the Knicks.

Coach Mike Woodson loves J.R. Smith’s game. Smith could honestly score at will, but he has tendencies to make bad decisions. During the playoffs, he made those bad decisions, those bad shots, and ultimately helped secure the Miami Heat’s first round victory. He was so cold, that he shot a dreadful 32 percent against the Heat in an average of 35 minutes per game. And the largest glaring stat was Smith’s 5-28 performance from downtown. The policy is pretty much, if you continue to miss it, go inside and shoot closer. But instead, he kept chucking those three’s up.

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