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Norv Turner must go after this season

Norv Turner must go after this season

Hyped by on November 19, 2012 Website: www.thepigskinreport.com

Go ahead and stick a fork in the 2012 San Diego Chargers, they are done. The season is over and it’s once again time to start speculating on the next season and what might be in store. The Denver Broncos appear to be in the driver’s seat of the AFC West and Chargers fans are left wondering what the future holds. In recent years, head coach Norv Turner has drawn the ire of the San Diego faithful just as the Eagles fans have drawn a bead on the head of coach Andy Reid.

To say that the Chargers have regressed in recent years would be an understatement. Turner inherited a team which went 14-2 in the previous season and along with general manager A.J. Smith, they have managed to burn this team down to the ground.

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