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Matt Barkley Film Study – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Matt Barkley Film Study – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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In an effort to not place myself into the camp of believers that think Matt Barkley can’t play, I decided to breakdown Barkley in all his glory. What I found was evidence that Barkley is still a work in progress in terms of what was viewed as strong points before this season.
We all knew Barkley wasn’t a great athlete, didn’t have elite arm strength, and his size was going to be questioned. He was not Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin for that matter. What made Barkley special was his accuracy, decision-making, mechanics, experience, pocket presence, and he seemed to have that “it” factor. Then came a 7-5 2012 season.
Anytime you come in on top, people are looking to knock you off the pedestal. Andrew Luck thrived under the pressure and stood up to the test of time. Barkley seems to have regressed. Recently, I watched over two games from 2011 and three from 2012. Barkley was blessed with solid weapons both seasons, neither offensive line was anything to shake a stick at, and the offensive system remained the same. With that, it’s reasonable to believe Barkley would excel and accelerate his draft stock to lock down the first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.
What I found to be true was the opposite. Barkley didn’t thrive and took steps backwards in terms of accuracy and decision-making. Those two aspects play hand-in-hand with each other. The two games that I will feature in this piece are 2012 contest versus Stanford and Oregon. Stanford fields the best defense in the PAC 12 and Barkley was without center Khaled Holmes. He was sacked six times and was pressured on a regular basis. Oregon was a different story, Barkley was in a shootout and his numbers would suggest he played a good game (35-54 for 484 yards and 5 TD’s). The breakdown of the film shows more of the same from Stanford. Signs of pure bliss at the QB position and moments that were absolutely painful to watch.

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