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With the Lockout Lingering, the NHL is Forced to Cancel More Games

With the Lockout Lingering, the NHL is Forced to Cancel More Games

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The NHL lockout is still in effect and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon with the recent cancellations of more important money-making events. The NHLPA and NHL remain opposed when it comes to any proposal of a new collective bargaining agreement. Fans, players, coaches, and owners are getting restless, all of this coming off one of the best seasons the NHL has ever seen in terms of ratings and support.

The NHL had no choice but to cancel games through December 19th thus extending the lockout through what would have been the NHL All-Star break. This year’s All-Star festivities would have taken place in Columbus, Ohio. Nationwide arena is a venue that has never had the pleasure of hosting the mid-season activities and was shaping up to be a great experience for all of those who were going to attend.

422 is the number of games that the league was forced to cancel this season. With no all-star weekend and winter classic out of the question, fans were left in disarray once again. Now what the league is looking at is at best, approximately a 60-game regular season for each team, and even that would be pushing it.

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