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Yankees: An A-Bomb About A-Rod

Yankees: An A-Bomb About A-Rod

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In recent months, Alex Rodriguez’s life has become more akin to something seen on a daytime soap opera, or something that happens within the New York Jets organization. The story took yet another bizarre plot twist when it was announced this morning that A-Rod would need surgery to repair a hip injury.
The initial reports raised more questions than they answered. How long have he (A-Rod) and the Yankees known about the injury? Was he hurt during the 2012 Postseason? And, if so, how could the Yankees allow him to take so much heat for his diminished production. Also, the Yankees organization is very forthcoming about injuries. Was A-Rod hiding the issue?
It was soon revealed that Rodriguez spent one night in a New York area hospital after feeling “sever pain” in his hip. How did the media miss this? We were told about every amorous endeavour, and yet, no one saw him enter a hospital in the most populated and famous city in the world?

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