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Dwight Howard to the Nets is Still Very Possible, NBA | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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Dwight Howard to the Nets is Still Very Possible

Dwight Howard to the Nets is Still Very Possible

Hyped by on December 6, 2012 Website: www.newyorksportsworld.com

And you thought this was over when he got traded to Los Angeles, didn’t you?

According to Chad Ford, Dwight Howard would still “prefer” Brooklyn as his team of choice. Of course, Dwight had always “preferred” Brooklyn (up until the trade to the Lakers), but learning that the Nets are his still his preferred destination is something new. And since the Lakers are mired in a sluggish start to the season, the “Dwightmare” rumors are churning once again.

Listen if Dwight wants to be a Net so bad, then sign for the mini-MLE. Yes, it’s only $3 million per year but Dwight can surely make up for it in endorsements. (Many people claim that the Nets could sign Dwight for one year at mini-MLE, then re-sign him to the max deal. This would be false since under the new CBA, a team has to own a player for three years to get his so-called “Bird Rights”. In reality, Dwight could sign a three-year, $9 million deal, then re-sign the max three years from now. Of course, that provides Dwight with little financial security, but hey, if you want to be a Net so badly, you have to make sacrifices.

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