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A down year for the NBA

A down year for the NBA

Hyped by on December 7, 2012 Website: sportschump.net

A friend’s NBA power rankings post inspired this rant so please bear with me.

You guys know I’m one of the biggest NBA homers out there. I love the dunks, the personalities, the no-look passes, the alley-oops, the pick-and-rolls. Heck, I even love the recently illegalized flops where a random player gets busted for trying to draw a charge then looks at the ref like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar.

I love Hubie Brown and Jalen Rose. I love Dr. Jack and Marv Albert. I love TNT’s coverage and ESPN’s promos. And yes, I even love when Herr Stern despotically flexes his muscle by fining coaches obscene amounts of money for merely altering their lineups. It’s his party and he’ll fine if he wants to.

But this, my friends, is a down year for the NBA and by that I mean there are not very many good teams in the league, if any at all.

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