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How many games must an NFL team win to get into the playoffs?

How many games must an NFL team win to get into the playoffs?

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With four weeks left in the NFL regular season, teams are starting to gauge just how many wins they will need to get into the playoffs this year. Based on past history, we may be able to help determine what it’s going to take for a team to secure a post-season spot in 2012.

Since 1990, when the NFL went to six teams from each conference making the playoffs, there have been 264 teams that have played in the NFL playoffs. Here’s a breakdown of the number of regular season wins by each of those teams.

7 wins: 1 team… Seattle in 2010 (0.4 percent)
8 wins: 9 teams (3.4 percent)
9 wins: 42 teams (15.9 percent)
10 wins: 66 teams (25 percent)
11 wins: 54 wins (20.5 percent)
12 wins: 42 teams (15.9 percent)
13 wins: 33 teams (12.5 percent)
14 wins: 13 teams (4.9 percent)
15 wins: 3 teams… Minnesota in 1998; Pittsburgh in 2004; Green Bay in 2011 (1.1 percent)
16 wins: 1 team… New England in 2007 (0.4 percent)

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