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A Survival Guide To The Yankees 2012 Offseason

A Survival Guide To The Yankees 2012 Offseason

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Baseball’s Winter Meetings have come and gone. But at the height of the event last week, my Twitter timeline had descended into a kind of chaos that bordered on Civil War. Never had so many Yankee fans, normally a very unified group, produce so many varying opinions on what it was that the Yankees were or were not doing. Though things have settled a bit since leaving Nashville, The Yankee Universe is still feeling the aftershocks of the bizarre week that was. So how does one navigate the troubled waters that have become the Yankees 2012 off-season? Lucky for you, I’ve created this handy guide to help you keep it all straight.

The week began with the bombshell that Alex Rodriguez would need to have surgery on his left hip to repair a tear, correct a bone impingement, and remove a cyst. Because of Rodriguez’s polarizing persona, speculation began to spread like wildfire about what had happened, when it happened, and whether or not the Yankees embattled 3rd Baseman was to blame. As the facts began to trickle in, we soon learned that A-Rod was in “severe” pain as early as the ALDS game in which he was pinch hit for (the first time) by Raul Ibanez. He even spent one night in a New York area hospital. We also learned that the injury was the opposite hip to the one Rodriguez had surgery on in March of 2009.

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