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Cincinnati shows off Belk Bowl helmets, NCAA Football | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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Cincinnati shows off Belk Bowl helmets

Cincinnati shows off Belk Bowl helmets

Hyped by on December 17, 2012 Website: no2minutewarning.com

This must be the reason Butch Jones left Cincinnati for Tennessee, right?

While these specially designed Cincinnati helmets are being shown off and receiving great praise from the Bearcat faithful leading up to the Belk Bowl, I regret to say I can not hop on board with this one. Hey, to each their own.

Truthfully, these are not the worst helmets we have seen come through the college football fashion turnstile, but this just seems to me to be one of those old 3D images where you have to cross your eyes and focus beyond the surface to reveal the true image, which in this case may be the Cincinnati logo.

Take a look…

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