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2013 NFL Coaching Carousel Predictions

2013 NFL Coaching Carousel Predictions

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The lifespan of an NFL head coach rivals that of a male ant. With the fierce competition to produce quickly, head coaches are given little time to develop a roster before they are out looking for their next coordinator job.
The longevity of an NFL head coach is 3.5 years but continues to fall year in and year out. It’s safe to say that close to half of the coaches in the NFL are currently feeling the pressure of being axed after the season. While some are a little more comfortable than others, it won’t be long before many are looking for work.
By our count two head coaches are on the ‘hot seat’ after one season with their respective teams (Mike Mularkey and Dennis Allen). Three coaches are under fire after two seasons (Pat Shurmur, Mike Munchak, and Ron Rivera). And the Cowboys could be replacing Jason Garrett after two full seasons and six games as an interim for Wade Phillips in 2010. That’s six coaches with under three years of head coaching experience that could be facing the harsh reality of a job search in January.
We examine the hottest of hot seats (The Goners) and those that should be sleeping with one eye open (The Seat is Hot).
The Goners
Andy Reid, Philadelphia Eagles
Reid is a goner after a 4-10 record through week 15. This is a forgone conclusion. We think Reid will take a year off before entering the job search, although he’s certain to have a few suitors after getting canned in Philly. The Eagles will have a ton of cap space and may look to trim the fat this offseason after ‘The Dream Team’ didn’t pan out as planned. With a young quarterback showing some promise in Nick Foles and cupboards that are fairly full, this is a desirable job for many potential head coaches.
The Eagles and Howie Roseman most likely look to a candidate with proven experience in developing quarterbacks. Whether it’s Nick Foles or they elect to draft someone else, it’s sure to be a youngster at the helm for the Eagles. If Jon Gruden is lured from the booth, I think it’s the Eagles or Cowboys that bring him out of his comfy perch. I’m not sure that this is the gig for Jon Gruden but could be a landing spot for his brother Jay Gruden. Jay has had success in the development of Andy Dalton and the Bengals offense. He will draw plenty of interest from teams around the NFL but I think the Eagles opportunity is too good for him to pass on.
2013 Head Coach: JAY GRUDEN

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