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Wheel… Of… Dunces

Wheel… Of… Dunces

Hyped by on December 19, 2012 Website: sportschump.net

Here at SportsChump, we like to play a game called Wheel of Dunces: Commissioners’ Edition. With the bone-headed moves our sports commissioners bless us with on a regular basis, we could actually play this game more often but who has the time to micro-manage the incessant blathering of tyrannical multi-millionaires. Some of us have real jobs. Their antics, however, would make for an interesting reality show. We could call it The Real Commissioners of Beverly Hills.

This week, the wheel of Dunce-ness falls squarely on the head of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, which must take some skill considering our most recent winner, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, is currently presiding over a sport which has no season.

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