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Who's at Fault for the Boston Red Sox Debacle?, 2012 Sports Blogs of the Year | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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Who’s at Fault for the Boston Red Sox Debacle?

Who’s at Fault for the Boston Red Sox Debacle?

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By Brian Milne
September 4, 2012

Red Sox

The Red Sox looked like the Bad News Bears. Photo by Brian Milne.

Being I live on the West Coast, I was reserving comment on the debacle that is the Boston Red Sox until I at least saw them play in person.

I’d seen them play a dozen times on national TV, because they’re, well, the Red Sox, but until this past weekend in Oakland, I wasn’t sure just how embarassing they were.

Then I saw it with my own eyes.

This “team” in anything but. Boston is a squad filled of individuals who could care less about one another, and at times they leave fans wondering if they even care about the game at all.

Walking to their positions before every inning.

Failing to run out pop flies.

First baseman James Loney lobbing groundballs between innings, grounders my 2-year-old could handle.

Loney dropping a can o’ corn foul fly right in front of the Red Sox dugout.

Third baseman Pedro Ciriaco launching balls into the stands (during innings), and two-hopping embarassingly weak tosses to Loney before the inning.

Cody Ross having lazy fly balls pop in and out of his glove, in both fair and foul territory.

Starting left fielder Scott Podsednik being, well, old (and I can say that, because he a year older than me, and I lost my game years ago).

Then there’s David Ortiz out because of an injury, which means there’s no passion, no communication, no hussle, and no reason to watch this team outside Dustin Pedroia. And even DP’s play has been questionable of late.

And who’s fault is that?

Bobby Valentine’s of course.

Bobby V. is catching all of the heat for this one, but is it all his fault?

The Red Sox brass should be held accountable for some of it. The clubhouse antics last year, from which they’ve never bounced back. Trading away their heart and soul a couple weeks ago.

While Bobby V. has been brutal, the Sox bringing on Valentine isn’t up there with trading Babe Ruth to the Yankees as idots like Colin Cowherd have been calling out on the radio this week.

At some point, the players have to take responsibility, and have to start playing the game the right way.

Right now, neither is happening in Boston, and it’s an ugly scene to witness first hand.


Ex-McClatchy Editor Brian Milne (@BMilneSLO) is the founder of BallHyped.com, a social voting community where sports bloggers and fans can share their favorite blogs.

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