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Rating the Arizona Cardinals starting quarterbacks since 1988., NFL | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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Rating the Arizona Cardinals starting quarterbacks since 1988.

Rating the Arizona Cardinals starting quarterbacks since 1988.

Hyped by on December 29, 2012 Website: www.theshowspeak.com

Okay, the original plan was to rate Arizona quarterbacks in some sort of sequential hierarchy since the Cardinals moved from St. Louis to Tempe, Arizona in 1988.

After further review, this plan seemed frivolous.

Only two quarterbacks have taken the Cardinals to the playoffs since arriving in the desert, Kurt Warner and Jake Plummer. Kurt Warner has by far the most eye popping stats, accumulating 100 touchdown passes in 57 career Arizona starts. He also led the Cardinals to their only Super Bowl appearance. Jake, on the other hand, did not have quite the success as Kurt on the field, however, he started 82 games for the Cardinals, lapping anyone not named Kurt in the games started category.

So what about the other twenty-five twenty-six starting quarterbacks since 1988?

Almost impossible to rate. You see, rating Arizona Cardinal starting quarterbacks since 1988 is sort of like having a leash law on unicorns.

More specifically, how do you rate Stoney Case vs. John Navarre?

What about the legendary Cliff Stoudt? Where would he rate?

If the Cardinals lose tomorrow, they will be 100 games under .500 since moving to Arizona. That is 150 wins and 250 losses. They will have had twenty-eight starting quarterbacks and only one of them has a winning record as a starter. One. See the entire list of Arizona Cardinal starting quarterbacks here.

So, I spared the agony of sequentially listing one retread quarterback after another. Instead, it was much more entertaining to play by the numbers, 1 -28, in honor of the Arizona Cardinal starting quarterback carousel established in 1988.

1- The number of quarterbacks with (continue to see all 28)

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