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Manchester United: Five Bold Predictions For The Round of 16

Manchester United: Five Bold Predictions For The Round of 16

Hyped by on December 31, 2012 Website: thepremierleagueinsider.com

Manchester United and Real Madrid will face each other at Old Trafford on February 2013. The purpose is the UEFA Champions League Round of 16.

The Premier League Insider decided to make five bold predictions in this match.

I. Manchester United 6 5 Real Madrid

Manchester United has the homefield advantage and appears to be organized United has Chicharito Hernandez as one of the principal players designed to surprise.

Real Madrid is weak with 81% of the supporters voting to expel Jose Mourinho as manager. The vote was conducted by the Spanish magazine Marca and published in The Sun after Mourinho decided to leave Iker Casillas on the bench.

The decision was during the Real Madrid match against Malaga. Real Madrid lost to Malaga and lack of support weakened los Merengues.

II. Chicharito Hernandez Wll Score Five Goals

Anyhthing is possible after Lionel Messi scored five goals in the 2012 UEFA Champions League match between FC Barcelona and Bayer Leverkusen on March of the same year. Chicharito is very powerful and can leave an element of surprise for Cristiano Ronaldo

III. Cristiano Ronaldo Will Fail In Scoring Goals

Cristiano Ronaldo suffers from a problem of desiring perfection. It appears [or at least that is my impression] that he wants most of his plays choreographed.

In the world of sports especially football, two plus two is five instead of four. The desire for perfection is so great that Ronaldo will fail in his attempts to score goals.

One of Ronaldo's attempts to score a goal may result in hitting the goal post. Ronaldo's response after hitting the goal post will be one of silence.

IV. Sergio Ramos Will Score An Own Goal

Ronaldo will pass the ball to Sergio Ramos which will leave the latter dazed. Ramos will feel the tension at Old Trafford and make mistakes.

One of the mistakes that Ramos will make will be to score an own goal. The result will leave Marca rekindling stories about the time Ramos dropped the La Liga trophy during a parade in Madrid.

V. Mass Expulsions from Real Madrid

The loss will be significant and will lead to mass expulsions. Mourinho, Ronaldo, Pepe, and Ramos may sign contracts with Anzhi Makhachkala. Kaka will return to Brazil or sign with an MLS team such as the LA Galaxy or Portland Timbers.

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