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Dave Hurney or Marty Gettleman?

Dave Hurney or Marty Gettleman?

Hyped by on January 15, 2013 Website: www.triadsports.com

From the barely audible voice level, to the hint of monotone in the delivery -- the Carolina Panthers have duplicated their general manager.

Dave Gettleman and Marty Hurney, are essentially the same guy. Or at least, that's the initial impression I got.

Some people love criticizing the idea of "winning" a press conference. And while I don't exactly agree with that, I do think pressers are important. Important because you get a glimpse into strategies and mindsets, that a coach or GM has. My glimpse into Gettleman's thoughts as he approaches his daily job in Carolina... weren't overly impressive.

Fans should hope this isn't just another typical Jerry Richardson move.

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