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Frank Lampard Signing With LA Galaxy: The Winners and Losers

Frank Lampard Signing With LA Galaxy: The Winners and Losers

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Frank Lampard appears to be moving to the MLS from the EPL after his contract with Chelsea FC expires. The move is not surprising taking into account that Lampard expressed an interest in the United States.

Who are the winners and losers of this latest news?

The winners are Frank Lampard, the LA Galaxy, MLS, and US Soccer. The losers are the Premier League teams of Chelsea, Manchester United, Chelsea, Sepp Blatter, and FIFA.


Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard has the opportunity to join David Beckham among the ranks of high profile English players who are/were part of the LA Galaxy and MLS. Lampard will be able to offer the LA Galaxy his form of playing midfield to a team that is eager to learn from the European masters.

Lampard will probably contribute to the MLS and US Soccer and widen its audience. This is necessary taking into account that the MLS, LA Galaxy, and US Soccer are evolving into an acceptable form of sports in America.

LA Galaxy, MLS, and US Soccer

At a time when FIFA President Sepp Blatter criticizes the MLS and US Soccer for lack of progress. Lampard signing with the LA Galaxy is a sign of how football is maturing in America.

The MLS and US Soccer are growing and acquiring an audience in America. Cascadia or the Pacific Northwest is home to the Cascadia Cup, Seattle Sounders FC, Portland Timbers, and the Vancouver Whitecaps.

There is an increasing amount of people assisting matches in LA to see the Galaxy and Chivas USA. An example was the friendly match between the LA Galaxy and the Tottenham Hotspur last year.

The city of Miami, Florida was witness to FC Barcelona vs. Chivas of Guadalajara and Chelsea vs. AC Milan in friendly matches. The MLS and US Football is growing and Lampard is part of this history.



Chelsea FC under Roman Abramovich commits mistake after mistake secondary to the owner’s short term ambitions. He exhausted all possibilities of signing players and managers.

Abramovich and company lost Pep Guardiola to Bayern Munich. They are now committing the same mistake in allowing Lampard to leave Stamford Bridge.

The result will be a club that eventually will become reduced to a shell of what it was. That is a shame.

Manchester United and Arsenal

They wanted to sign Lampard and now the opportunity is gone

Sepp Blatter and FIFA

The best is always left for last especially when it is Sepp Blatter and FIFA. Blatter criticized the MLS as not being popular in America on New Year’s Eve 2012.

Blatter made these declarations in an interview with the international TV station from Qatar Al Jazeera. If Mr. Blatter could read The Premier League Insider, I would say that he made a mistake in underestimating the MLS and US Soccer.

Lampard will help the MLS grow even bigger and may force Blatter to reconsider his position.

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