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Yann M'Vila and F.C. Rubin Kazan: A Personal Reflection, Soccer | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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Yann M’Vila and F.C. Rubin Kazan: A Personal Reflection

Yann M’Vila and F.C. Rubin Kazan: A Personal Reflection

Hyped by on January 23, 2013 Website: thepremierleagueinsider.com

Yann M’Vila, Rennes midfielder will join F.C Rubin Kazan instead of the English Premier League. A statement concerning M’Vila was written by Rennes and published in Sky Sports and ESPN.

While it is great that M’Vila may be signing with Rubin Kazan, the need to discuss this story exists. The reason is to address doubts that exist in this particular transfer news stories.


According to ESPN UK, Rubin Kazan received a ban from the Russian Football Association or FA. Under the terms of the ban, F.C. Rubin Kazan cannot sign new players unless the club pays its debt to Roman Adamov.

In addition to a ban, the Russian FA fined Rubin Kazan $3250. The Rennes webpage which was written in French did not mention this problem.

What may happen if M’Vila signs with Rubin Kazan? M’Vila would have to wait until the ban is lifted by the Russian FA before playing.

The wait would last the current season and M’Vila needs training before the next season.

Did Rennes meet with the Russian FA to receive approval for M’Vila going to Rubin Kazan? Will the Russian FA make an exception for Rubin Kazan, Rennes, and M’Vila?

What about the photo and press conference that the newly signed player receives when signing to a new club?

It should not be forgotten that M’Vila is banned from the French National Team until June 2014. The reason is that M’Vila went out on unauthorized absence while playing for the French U-21 Team.


It is doubtful that M’Vila may have signed with Rubin Kazan for the following reasons.
1.The Russian FA will not lift the ban on Rubin Kazan so that the latter signs M’Vila. They imposed the same ban on F.C. Volga and any changes could have a domino effect on other clubs.

2.Rubin Kazan continues to have financial problems.

3.There is no proof of a meeting between Rennes, Rubin Kazan, and the Russian FA to address the M’Vila issue.

4.No proof in the form of photos or press conferences with M’Vila wearing a Rubin Kazan jersey next to the club coach and president.


Although Goal is confirming (according to a You Tube video of their report) that M´Vila may have signed with Rubin Kazan, I will believe it when it is seen.

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