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Zac Dysert Film Study

Zac Dysert Film Study

Hyped by on January 24, 2013 Website: nflsfuture.com

Zac Dysert is struggling to get things going on a consistent level in Mobile. On the biggest stage, with his competition breathing down his neck, Dysert hasn’t taken full advantage of this enormous opportunity.

This comes to my utter surprise as Dysert has made a career of showing up on the biggest stage. Dysert was fantastic in a loss to Ohio State this season. I counted seven dropped balls in the contest, some of which were drops in crunch time or in big spots. That pretty much sums up Dysert’s career at Miami of Ohio. He was 20-27 against Boise State. As a true freshman, he threw at a 70 percent clip against a Cincinnati team that finished eighth in the country.

Dysert had three coordinators in his four seasons. He was a relative no-name from Ada, Ohio that has emerged from Ben Roethlisberger’s huge shadow to break all of Big Ben’s passing records. If you’re looking for an experienced starter, look no further than Dysert. Outside of Matt Barkley, you won’t find a more seasoned quarterback in the draft. He’s played in a slew of offensive schemes, sometimes with a hodgepodge of offensive principles. In 2012, Dysert had little to no help from the running game, a porous offensive line, and very few legitimate weapons.

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