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7 Athletes and PEDs

7 Athletes and PEDs

Hyped by on February 3, 2013 Website: www.theshowspeak.com

Performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) are part of the modern day sports culture.

From turning an Olympic East German woman's shot putter into a man in the 1980s to the deer antler spray of today - the desire to have a competitive edge by any means necessary is an accepted evil in athletics.

Personally, I am not shocked when an athlete is subjected to PED talk backed up by more than innuendo. There are plenty of clean athletes, like myself, who perform at very high levels without the aid of a blood spinning device, horse steroids, or undetectable growth hormone.

There are also a lot of athletes who use more than good nutrition, eight hours of sleep, and a disciplined training schedule to become elite.

Here are seven or six.

1.) Lance Armstrong: Everyone has an opinion about Lance. He and Oprah had a session. The everyone else was doing it defense falls on my deaf ears, however not everyone. According to an October 2012 survey by Seton Hall, 37% of the surveyed still viewed Lance in a positive light. Shocking to me, but hey, Lance never ordered drones to drop missiles on innocent civilians, so I guess he has that going for him.


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