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The Premier League Insider Condemns Match Fixing

The Premier League Insider Condemns Match Fixing

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The world football community is tainted by a match fixing scandal of global proportions. According to The Local of Germany, the European police managed to suppress a global crime syndicate which fixed many football matches including some from The Bundesliga and the UEFA Champions League.

Ralf Mutschke, FIFA’s Director of Security responded fast and early to the investigation. He said that football cannot solve this on its own and that governments should be involved.

While many people are shocked at what transpired, it is a good thing. The need for world football to clean itself of match fixing and other dirty laundry is long overdue.

It will take more than a sweep under the rug to punish the transgressors of world football. What is needed is an open investigation of people involved in the crime of match fixing against the beautiful game.

Before meeting out sentence, it is important to remember that people are innocent until proven guilty. The cases must be examined by the European Justice System, FIFA, UEFA, or/ and The International Court of The Hague.

After the cases are examined and the verdict is guilty, there should be very harsh punishment. The purpose would be to start the cleansing of the beautiful sport from unsavory elements who fix matches.

The people who should be punished must include the Club Presidents, Associations, and Players if need be. If FIFA and UEFA need to be investigated, then it should be the case.

The sooner this is done, the better it is for world football.

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