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Joe Flacco as the highest paid NFL QB?, NFL | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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Joe Flacco as the highest paid NFL QB?

Joe Flacco as the highest paid NFL QB?

Hyped by on February 6, 2013 Website: www.thepigskinreport.com

Fresh off a Super Bowl victory and capturing the game’s MVP trophy while playing in the last year of his rookie contract, Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco‘s agent believes that his client should be the highest paid quarterback in the league. Joe Linta, Flacco’s agent told CNBC that he believes his clients body of work has spoken for itself and now it’s time for the Ravens to pay him accordingly.

Of course it’s an agent’s job to try to secure the most money possible for his client, but Linta makes some solid arguments for Flacco to be rewarded handsomely in his next deal.

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