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Yankees: The Greatness of Derek Jeter and Kobe Bryant

Yankees: The Greatness of Derek Jeter and Kobe Bryant

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The cold and snow make me pine for Los Angeles and those twelve years when winter meant nighttime temperatures around fifty degrees. This was always a good time of year there. Showtime. Lakers time.

No city loves their basketball team like LA loves the Lakers. I know you want to say something about your passion for the Knicks right now, but it’s not the same. Trust me. The Knicks haven’t spoiled you with greatness.

New York knows only one experience that equals the entitlement and expectation the Lakers have privileged on LA. It’s the Yankees. They are the super franchises of the American sports landscape. No other teams state brazenly that the only success is championship success. No other teams fire coaches a handful of games into the season for slow starts. Other teams may say their goal is to win it all, but they don’t believe it like the Lakers and Yankees.

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