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2013 NFL Offseason Primer: Headlines that could shape the 2013 NFL Draft, NFL | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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2013 NFL Offseason Primer: Headlines that could shape the 2013 NFL Draft

2013 NFL Offseason Primer: Headlines that could shape the 2013 NFL Draft

Hyped by on February 12, 2013 Website: nflsfuture.com

The NFL offseason is by far the most intriguing of all sports leagues, probably a big player on why the game is so much more popular than other professional sports league. With the exception of a couple of weeks in May, the NFL consumes fans with storylines that give us all we can handle.

This offseason is sure to not disappoint with some big name free agents potentially hitting the open market, no solidification at the top of the 2013 NFL Draft, and teams vying to get under the cap.
Here’s … storylines that are sure to affect late April’s draft.

Joe Flacco gets paid or does he?

Peter King opined his thoughts on the Joe Flacco contract situation. It’s the single biggest story of the NFL offseason with Flacco coming of one of the more memorable playoff runs for the position. It wasn’t long before the Ravens run in the playoffs that fans were questioning Flacco’s existence in Baltimore and whether or not to keep him. A month and a Super Bowl win later and fans are questioning how much money it’s going to take to keep Flacco a Raven.

Ozzie Newsome has his work cut out for him and will earn his paycheck this offseason. Flacco isn’t the only cog in their free agent wheel. With Ed Reed looking for one more contract to his play his days out in Baltimore, Paul Kruger looking to cash in on his pass rushing success, and Dannell Ellerbe looking to fill the Ray Lewis void it’s going to be an offseason to pay attention to in Baltimore.
Flacco is looking for megabucks which could eliminate at least two of the other three big fish in the pond for Newsome. Baltimore’s trademark defensive persona could be taking a hit at the cost of a Super Bowl MVP quarterback. King’s MMQB article on the situation pointed to the potential of a team (mostly the Browns) opening up their draft pick wallet to dole out two first rounders for the services of Flacco. I share that sentiment and if it isn’t the Browns it will be one of the quarterback starved teams in the NFL.

The only clean solution is to re-sign Flacco to a backend loaded contract that may make him the richest quarterback in the NFL. We’ll be eagerly awaiting the outcome on this one as it’s likely to shape the top of the draft.

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